High-Temperature Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Coating [click to enlarge]

Aware of Imagineering’s expertise in metal finishing, a client in the aerospace industry contacted us to apply a ceramic composite coating for their alloy steel aircraft engine components. We prepared the surface of the parts mechanically and chemically and applied the proprietary ceramic composite coating system and a corrosion protective aluminum-rich organic topcoat sealer. The coating was then heat cured at 1000篓卢F.

Needing to withstand high-temperatures and be anti-oxidizing and corrosion resistant, our thermally-fused ceramic composite coating was heat-oxidation resistance at temperatures of 隆脙 1600篓卢 F. It combined thermal stability, excellent adhesion and hardness, good flexibility, and withstands high temperature cycling and corrosive salt environments. We verified the coatings by testing for thickness, curing, adhesion, and salt spray resistance. On this project we worked to tolerances of .0005″ and met various aerospace prime specifications.

This high-temperature corrosion resistant ceramic coating project showcased our ability to provide our client with high-quality components that exceed expectations. Please contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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Highlights of this High-Temperature Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Coating Project

Project Description

High-Temperature Anti-Oxidizing Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Composite Coating for Aircraft Engine Components.


Because of its high temperature capabilities, it offers excellent protection when exposed to cyclic high temperature and corrosive salt environments, continuing to provide sacrificial properties at temperatures to 1150篓卢F. Although a ceramic coating, it combines thermal stability, excellent adhesion and hardness, along with good flexibility… a property not found in most ceramic coatings. As mentioned above it offers salt corrosive protection to 1150篓卢F. At about 1200篓卢F, the aluminum oxidizes to a point where it no longer provides its excellent sacrificial properties; however, it will continue to offer excellent heat oxidation continuously to 1600篓卢F and in some cases, depending on metal substrate, has offered heat oxidation protection to 2200篓卢F.


Tests have been conducted using low carbon steel alloys. There was no loss of weight after several weeks of continuous exposure at 1000篓卢F. After exposure to 5% salt spray for 1000 hours, there was no evidence of corrosion. Further, the coating offers superb thermal shock resistance. The coated metal will not crack, spall, or fail after shocking from 1100篓卢F to room temperature repeatedly.


The coating has properties vastly superior to those of organic paints and coatings. Specifically, the film offers greater protective properties in combination of heat, weathering, corrosion, and oxidation resistance than organic paints and is lighter in weight and more flexible than most ceramic coatings.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Mechanical and chemical surface preparation
Proprietary ceramic composite coating system with corrosion protective organic topcoat sealer
Heat cured at 1000 F.

Tightest Tolerances


Material of Parts

Alloy Steel

Materials of Coating

Thermally-fused Ceramic composite
Aluminum-rich organic topcoat

Benefits of Coating

Heat Oxidation resistance at temperatures >/= 1600篓卢F.

In process testing/inspection performed

Thickness Test, Cure Test, Salt Spray Test, Adhesion Test

Industry for Use

Aerospace, Military, Commercial

Standards Met

Various Aerospace Prime Specifications

Product Name

Alseal 518, Alseal 598